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Dan & Toni Heath



Ranch raised cattle with proven genetics perfected over the last century. These cattle all come from the Noah's program which is now a fourth generation Angus seed stock producer... family owned and operated since 1955. The Heath family is now in its fourth generation of being involved in the Black Angus cattle industry as well. We believe in:


     1. Strong maternal females with perfect udders, good dispositions, cows that calve unassisted and take care of their calves.

   2. Moderate framed cattle with females that re-breed year after year..... longevity and "repeatability."

    3. Balanced trait cattle with adequate milk, IMF, REA, gain and beef value.

     4. Our cows summer on native "hard grass" ranch under conditions very similar to a majority of commercial cattle operations.

     5. The bulls carry generations of genetic selection for functional traits. We test for pelvic area, scrotal size, ultrasound carcass measurements & feedlot gain. The bulls are fed in Noah's steep, rock feedlot on a high-roughage, low grain ration. We are raising seed stock, not fat stock. Structural soundness, feet, legs & travel are all important.


How We Price & Sell Our Cattle


Important Information our

buyers should consider about

the data on our cattle weights,

ADG, EPD's, actual carcass data

         and $Beef Values.


Winter feeding usually starts around Thanksgiving at Bear Creek Ranch.  The cattle are put on the lowest ground down by the river and fed hay until next spring.


If you have steep country, these cattle will get the job done for you, like much of the Noah’s Summer turn outs, BCR has a few flat fields

but a whole lot more steep, rocky, forested country. These cows are

travelers and won’t leave a corner ungrazed. They won’t ever hang out on the low flat riparian’s over grazing it while the higher country goes to waste.


Dry cows on late fall dry feed. Our forest pastures usually dry up in August. We then turn the pairs onto our hay meadows which we have irrigated back up after our one and only cutting.  After weaning we open up the whole ranch and let them graze it the way they want. This group of cows is a ½ mile from the irrigated meadows.


We start calving in late March, and usually start turning out the new pairs late April. Then we gather them back up in June for branding, and vacs. and split them up into small breeding herds of about 20 pairs per herd turning them back out with the Herd Sires.

Using our own invention for accurately weighing our calves, the crew is able to process the newborn calves whether out in the field or in a corral.  We call the invention the, "CATV", Calving All Terrain Vehicle. Calves are suspended in a harness from a scale mounted to the ATV.  During this process the calves are weighed and recorded in book, they are tagged with sire, dam and their individual number plus they receive a multi-min shot.  Some days you can see the sun is shining, and other days it is still pretty chilly on a spring day at Bear Creek Ranch... a little snow, maybe some sleet, and probably some wind!


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