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Dan & Toni Heath


Circa: 2008. Me and my brother John in front of the original homestead cabin, built in 1871, here on Bear Creek. Our father started raising Reg. Angus in the 1960s in the early 1970s he gave John and me each a heifer and a life time membership to the AAA. That was a long time ago. John and I have raised and run thousands of cattle over many years. I always chose the rancher approach, eventually John went off on his own cowboyin’. There’s a darn good chance that if you live anywhere in the west, you’ve met him at some point. Heck he may have even worked for ya! He’s the one in the black hat!


Dan's father, Gordon Heath, circa 1969.

Toni grew up on a commercial cattle operation on the rugged breaks of the Deschutes River in Central Oregon.  Learning at an early age the value of good cows, good horses and good cow dogs!  She continues to help on her family ranch all that she can.

We like to gather and work and sort our cows horse back.  Yes, they are so gentle and so quite a man could do all the work a foot. But they like the horse work, they understand it and so do we. It keeps things quiet, calm and efficient.  Above, granddaughter Taylor rides one of our good reined cow horses to gather pairs for branding day.

Bear Creek Ranch sits in the heart of the Blue Mountains of NE Oregon. It’s beautiful Country but also hard country when it comes to raising cattle. More often then not there’s 1-3 ft. of snow on the ground from Thanksgiving "till April. So the hay feeding goes on for many months. Our Herd came exclusively from Noah’s Angus Ranch in Cambridge Idaho. Just about 70 mile east of us as the crow flies with every bit as harsh of winters. There cattle summer on mountain meadows, just like we have here at Bear Creek. When the cows first came to Bear Creek I doubt they ever thought they weren’t still at home.


We raise strong vigorous Cattle, that know how to WORK for a Living. No matter whether it is 20 below in the winter, and they are on our own native grass hay, or 95 in August and the feed is all dried up, these cattle always do great.

Bear Creek Ranch has a mile of the Grande Ronde River running through it and along with its mountain meadows, several big productive sub irrigated river side meadows.  It’s good summer cattle county.


Dan's vast knowledge and experience of farming has been put to good use at BCR... he has made the ranch self sustainable year round by increasing crop production and developing water rights.

Bear Creek Ranch Angus

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